Don't just take our word for it....Here's what our customers have to say about ZK:

I have always exercised because I am health conscious. However, I have never enjoyed exercising until I found ZK. Losing weight is not a goal of mine. Rather I am focused on strong bones which I get through the weight bearing classes I take and fitness through the cardio classes. ZK Group Fitness is so much more than a place to work out. I have met so many positive thinking, inspirational, spiritual people who uplift me every time I encounter them. As we all know, the philosophy and mood of a place filters down from the top. Owner, Kathy Streck, and her right hand woman, Joyceann Mazzucco, are the glue that unite us all and keep us coming back. What other "gym" has a social component where we come together just for fun and fellowship? ZK does! I love this place!!! Barb M.

"I have tried a plethora of gyms and exercise tapes as a means to stay fit and healthy once I retired. What was missing from both of these undertakings was the motivation and drive to sustain a routine exercise program. What ZK offers that no other exercise facility has been able to achieve, is not only a well balanced and challenging exercise program, but also a camaraderie that didn't exist anywhere else. At ZK, you feel welcome, comfortable, physically challenged, and you can choose from a menu of exercise classes that has something for everyone! There's no where else where you can get the personal attention, the upbeat environment and at the same time, a great fitness program. I love it at ZK! "

Thanks for all you do to keep ZK going!  Jane

I love my exercise classes at ZK Studio! Kathy is so in tune with the strength training and flexibility exercises that are needed for people 50 and older. These classes have really helped to decrease my back pain. Everyone is friendly and Kathy is so helpful. Come to Zumba, too! The cardio workout is great fun! Thanks, Diane for encouraging me to go.   Betsy Fox

I feel so lucky to have a place like ZK to go to for exercise. After thirteen years of country line dancing ended, we were feeling the need for something to fill that void.  Joyceann introduced us to Zumba and the rest is history. The draw is not only the exercise, but the people. We have all become friends(like family)and there is a support for one another in good times and bad. Starting out with just Zumba has become a variety of classes. It is so hard to pick the ones you want to attend and not want to miss out on any of them. The instructors are top quality with strong attention to form. We are so lucky to have ZK and I am very thankful that we do.  Pam L.

ZK fit in Pitman, N.J. Is my happy place. I not only get a great workout but I have fun while doing it. The ZK instructors are entertaining, knowledgeable, patient, caring and will make you sweat. I am overweight but my family at ZK make me feel like I can accomplish anything with their love and support. I would be lost without ZK and all that it has to offer. Thank you Kathy for all that you have done and continue to do for us all.

Thank you,  Robyn M.

I love the classes  at ZK Fitness.  I was never one to exercise with a class. I always felt intimated and lost.

Not so with Kathy and the instructors at her studio.  Everyone there, even the other clients are so friendly, NO INTIMATION or PRESSURE.  Kathy makes you want to exercise. Its  a great atmosphere  at her studio.  I can't wait to go back each time.     Vickie K.

I attend Kathy’s Silver & Fit classes on Tuesday & Thursday mornings and really enjoy them.  It’s a great program mentally and physically and the choreography is wonderful!   Kathy does a great job working every part of our bodies.  I highly recommend trying this class--its great!  Rosalie

Five years ago right after the Christmas holidays I was with a group of friends, we were all talking about needing to lose pounds gained and getting in shape. We found ZK . No contract, no commitment, no sales pressure. Off we go one morning to try a class...five years later I am still there. ZK is just what it says it is. There are classes for everyone. Every fitness level no matter what age. I love the classes that have combined the weights and cardio fitness. I call it one stop shopping. The sculpting classes are like having a personal trainer. Great instructors who are always changing up their class and routines. 

I have had gym memberships. The machines are good but I find I get a better workout working with weights with a certified instructor. No muscle is left out. More result and so much more fun. 

From the moment I walked into ZK I felt comfortable...Kathy and all the instructors who work there are open and friendly. I felt timid trying something new but that feeling melted away within minutes. I have made some amazing friends and we have a lot of fun too!! Pat M.