ZK  FIT @ MIBC  ETIQUETTE


    -  Please do not wear any strong perfume or cologne to class.


    -  Bring a towel and water.  Drink plenty of water before, during and after each class but please do not eat a  heavy meal within 1-2 hours prior to class.


    -  If there is a class in session upon your arrival, please respect that class and keep your voices to a whisper if necessary.  Please do not interrupt the class in session 


    -  Please turn off or mute cell phones.


    -  If you have any injuries or conditions that the instructor should be made aware of, please notify the instructor before class begins.


    -  Please use the bins at the front of the gym to store your personal belongings during class  or on table tops at the pool or clubhouse.


    -  Please place your empty water bottles in the recycle bin.


    -  It is your responsibility to consult your physician prior to starting any exercise program.  


    -  If you're attending any of the following classes, for sanitary purposes please bring your own non-slip mat (however, if you forget your mat we do have mats in the gym): Body Sculpting & Yoga.

     -  If you are attending a Yoga class, please enter the clubhouse studio in a calm, quiet manner as other participants may be meditating prior to the class start time.  Take a seat on your mat and quietly wait for class to begin.  If you need to leave early, please depart before the savasana (contemplation) segment of the class begins so other students are not disturbed.  Class is completed upon the Instructor saying and the students responding with  Namaste' (which means: 'the divine within me acknowledges the devine within you')


 Thank you for your cooperation.  Welcome Home to ZKfit @ The Mercer Island Beach Club!