'forever fit' & 'ZK fit Brides'


"Are YOU ready to change YOU?"

We're offering another 8 week group program for Just $199.00 for 8 weeks

Let me start by saying this, "If it doesn't challenge you then it doesn't change you!"

My first question before you go any further:  "Are YOU ready to change YOU?"


If you answered yes then I want you to stop trying to cheat the system!   No more crazy surgeries, crazy 'eat our food' diet's and no more unnecessary excuses!  Aren't you sick and tired of being unhealthy, of making poor choices and tired of slowly killing yourself?  Come on then ~  STOP  'TRYING'  & Do something about it!  

Make the decision to reclaim your life!  We are here to help.  We will give you a jump start and the tools you'll need to start living what we call a 'forever fit' lifestyle...

You may be asking, "What exactly is a 'forever fit'  Lifestyle' and how can I achieve it?"  

Well...here's my definition of  'forever fit' and why I created this program:

First of all ~ you are NOT going on another 'Diet'!  Instead, this is a lifelong commitment, a journey  of living 'forever fit' ....... mind, body and spirit.   We will give you the tools to yes, shed some unwanted weight perhaps, but more importantly to make better, healthier choices in your world so that the unwanted weight comes off and stays off for the rest of your life!  Trust me...we know that it's not always easy, especially when you're first starting to learn this way of living.  But the choice is yours....and the choices you're about to make on a daily basis will be yours.  But YOU have to be ready to make a commitment to yourself....

Are you ready to move into a healthier, happier and more energetic future?  Then let's do this! 

You will meet with Becky, our 'Forever Fit' counselor, once weekly in a small group session to discuss your individual concerns, goals, frustrations and achievements. Weekly assignments will be given and you'll be expected to workout  @ ZK 3x each week (your workouts are part of this programs fee which includes 24 classes.  That alone is worth $288!)  There's NO excuse to not do this.  You owe it to yourself.   

This program was designed by me. Since 2007 I have been a Certified Group Fitness Instructor through the prestigious National Academy of Sports Medicine's AFAA Program (Athletics & Fitness Association of America)  I am also Certified in Sports Nutrition and hold a Certified Lifestyle Coaching certificate.  

Becky has an educational background in Health & Exercise Science w/ an emphasis in Nutrition & Modern Dance from the University of Minnesota.  As a child Becky was also a competitive Gymnast.   

We look forward to working with you one on one or in small groups.  

If you have any questions please feel free to email me:  Kathy@zkfit.com  or call my cell:  856-981-7989. 


Namaste' ~  Kathy  


'forever fit' fee schedule:

 The program is 8 weeks long and based on 1 hour per week of meetings + 3 hours of workouts per week.   If you're not prepared to commit to these 4 hours each week then perhaps now is not the time for you.


Checks should be made payable to:  ZK Group Fitness

                       1  Person:   $395 

                       2  People:   $680 ($340 per person)

                     3-4 People:   $300 per person 

***Group Special for Winter 2019 = Just $199 per person!  

This includes 24 FREE classes @ZK which will expire on the last day of this 8 week program.  If these classes are used before the program ends you can then purchase one of our Punch Passes or pay the $12 cash drop in fee per class.



Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:


If I'm expected to work out 3x each week during this 8 week program, are there specific workouts that I have to do?

A:  No.  You are expected to work out in our studio 3x each week but you can choose which classes to take.  We will make suggestions based on your performance and progress.


Is nutrition a part of this program?


We are not Nutritionists, however we do have training in sports nutrition & body composition.  We will make recommendations for nutritional ways of eating as well as supplements.


Is this a weight loss program and will I drop a size or two by the end of this program?


This is NOT a weight loss program and no, you will probably not drop a size or two by the end of this program.  This is an 8 week 'forever fit' program which means we are going to give you the tools to learn how to live FIT....mind, body and spirit.  'forever fit' doesn't mean being slim, it means taking care of your body through proper eating and exercise habits; and learning how to incorporate this 'forever fit' lifestyle into your world .  Once you learn how to live 'forever fit', your metabolism will begin to work for you rather than against you and therefore, you will more than likely loose unwanted weight at a slow pace and live 'forever fit' at a weight that is most healthy for YOU.   

'ZK FIT Brides'

Brides, grab your Bridesmaids and all your girlfriends and get in shape for the big day!  Our trainers will work with your group for 8 weeks before the wedding to help you make healthier choices and to work out so that you look amazing in the dress!  Pricing is the same as our 'forever fit' program.  Contact Kathy to schedule a meeting and find out how this investment will be well worth it!  kathy@zkfit.com   or   856-981-7989